Current issue with GoDaddy WHOIS lookups of Uni domains

Uniregistry has been transferring the management of domains belonging to a small group of accounts to GoDaddy.

The transfer involves the management system only and is not a full transfer out to GoDaddy. Uniregistry domains that are now managed in a GoDaddy account are “blessed” with a plethora of upselling services.

As such, the two registrars remain separate in how these domains are managed in the Registrars’ back end, for now.

This has created an issue with the WHOIS lookups at GoDaddy, where these domains are managed at. At this time, WHOIS queries at time out or return an error as below:

Clicking on the “Underlying Registry Data” displays the WHOIS info properly.

It’s quite possible that there are connectivity issues between Uniregistry and GoDaddy or some other form of query limitations.

We have reported the issue and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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