DNForum: Annual membership of $750 a shocker to existing members

DNForum is reportedly going to roll out memberships costing $750 dollars per year, in a shock to existing members who already paid for memberships.

These paid members (Exclusive, Gold, Silver) will be losing both visible and invisible benefits, such as the ability to have signature images and access to exclusive domain trading sub-forums.

The new owner, Helmuts Meskonis, has announced the introduction of the new benefits for paid members, triggering the reaction of existing members.

Let’s have a quick history recap on DNForum.com:

DNForum was recently sold for the umpteenth time, domain, user base, and all. Registered in December 2001, it’s the oldest still active domain-focused forum on the internet.

Its original owner sold it to domain investor Greg Ricks who introduced paid memberships as an upgrade for existing accounts. Hundreds of regular members paid for an upgraded membership; when Ricks sold the platform to Adam Dicker, the Canadian domain investor introduced a total of 3 tiers of membership offering added benefits.

Through the years, DNForum enjoyed spikes in traffic and usage that declined since about a decade ago. Dicker allegedly sold the forum to a duo of domain investors, who sold it again, before the domain was acquired by Epik, and then by Digital Candy UK.

According to rumors, the British company wanted to promote its Digital Candy brand in the US but was told to “back off” by the owner of the DIGITALCANDY trademark. The forum was then sold to Helmuts Meskonis, who had recently acquired Acorn Domain Forum, a UK-based domain forum.

The current situation reflects a lack of due diligence by the new owner, who says that he was not informed of obligations the forum has to its existing paid members. Whoever removed the graphics displayed alongside each account’s membership tier did so with apparent malice, eliminating membership distinctions—perhaps with an intent to perform what the new owners are now considering.

DNForum might be the oldest domain forum but it’s no longer the busy destination of choice for domain investors. Any attempts to enforce paid memberships afresh will be perceived as fresh milking of a cow already devoid of any milk.

Good luck to the new owner and shame to those who removed the membership tiers and hid their actions from the subsequent owners of the forum.

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6 Responses to “DNForum: Annual membership of $750 a shocker to existing members”
  1. BullS says:

    Ha ha ha- you have to pay me to use your dnforum “BullS’ website.
    Dnforum will be dead sooner than later

    Chances that the domain will be resold again and again and then to the junkyard.

  2. Prosperousness.com says:

    Hi, dnforum with ugly design, not interested even for free. previous old school by Adam Dicker was much better.
    The problem with dnf and np is unfriendly platform with worst navigation.
    We need something new like social network for domainers on a great domain like dnf com or domainers. Com

  3. Samer says:

    I wouldnt pay $750 for a lifetime membership, yet alone, one year.

    Thanks for making the choice easier!

  4. David Carter says:

    If you think that’s bad, the subscriptions for acorn domains is even more of a joke, but at least they have a free version.

    Elite member £270 per year or £27 per month.

    Corporate membership £2500 per year.

    I’ve been a member of Acorn for many years, but rarely login. Perhaps a couple of times a year.

  5. BullS says:

    @DavidCarter— if it is so bad, so why do you subscribe and waste money like the rest of the suckers?

    Please humor me….

  6. Kate says:

    DNF is a tainted brand, and will never return to its former glory.
    I don’t understand how people thought they could still revive the brand somehow.
    Pretty sure that the former owners post-Dicker all had to take a haircut on their investment.
    Now Helmut is left holding the bag.

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