DNForum .com under new ownership; Adam Dicker has sold the domain forum and all assets


DNForum is under new ownership; former owner, Adam Dicker, has sold the domain name, the forum and all associated assets, retaining zero interest.

Real estate and domain entrepreneur, George Verdugo, is the new partnership’s CEO, along with domain investor and entrepreneur, Kevin Faler, who will serve as the CFO of the US-based corporation.

The new DNForum.com, along with DNForo.com for the Hispanic domain market, will be aimed at providing domain industry professionals with a dependable platform to transact on, and discuss domains.

Existing members of DNForum who paid for memberships over the years, will be happy with this announcement:

“DNForum.com is transitioning to new ownership and will be online within 24 hours. All existing memberships will be honored and expect many positive changes over the next month.”

Prior to this acquisition, DNForum had been offline for a solid month.

George Verdugo shared with us the following:

“Our company wrapped up buying DNForum from Adam Dicker just days ago, and I’m very happy to be co-owner of a domain name forum with a very long history, the place where I actually learned the basics of domain investing.

DNForum is a great brand, offering domainers a familiar community to trade their domains, and to learn about domain investing from their peers. We’re also introducing DNForo for the Hispanic domain market soon.

It’ll be a great year for everyone in the domain industry!  Me and Kevin will be at NamesCon, meeting with other domain investors to discuss our new venture and future plans. We invite everyone to join DNForum.”

Details about the selling price of DNForum and its associated assets were not made public, due to an NDA signed by the parties involved in this sale.

A brief history of DNForum:

DNForum.com was founded in 2001 by Dan Gessler, who was a 15 year old high school student at the time. The forum became popular very quickly, initially running on free forum software before switching over to vBulletin.

In 2002, Gessler sold the forum for $5,000 dollars (exact price is not confirmed) to domain investor, Greg Ricks, who soon after established the system of paid memberships.

That move, spawned two more independent domain forums, DomainState in 2002, and NamePros in 2003.

In early 2003, Adam Dicker bought the forum, for $50,000 dollars (price is unconfirmed).

The new owners are looking forward to restore the domain forum’s former glory and its appeal among established and new domain investors, by enhancing the current services and expanding the brand’s potential.

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