DomainTools welcomes proposed #WHOIS privacy changes in Europe

First there was GDPR, now things are changing and once again it’s the European Union (EU) rocking the boat of WHOIS data. Citing new cybersecurity initiatives, a pending legislation in the European Union seeks to have domain WHOIS data less private. The legislation upsets those that believe in the power of anonymous activism and whistleblowing, […]

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Global Internet disaster looms as Articles 11 and 13 pass in #Europe

After GDPR, this is another dark day for the Internet. Articles 11 and 13, a new proposed legislation in Europe that will stifle freedom of speech and destroy the existing copyright model, received vote of approval, by a committee of 25 bureaucrats. Despite receiving plenty of opposition from European citizens, both articles passed with a […]

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#GDPR now 3rd least popular word, after “Nazi” and “Mother-in-law”

GDPR is about to invade the United States, crossing over from Europe, on May 25th. The far-reaching legal concoction devised by Euro bureaucrats, has strict demands and penalties for anyone that dares mess with European data. According to the latest research on popularity, “GDPR” now comes in third after “Nazi” and “Mother-in-law” as least popular […]

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It’s over, it’s done: Britain voted itself out of the European Union, after 43 years as a member. The so-called “Brexit” won’t happen overnight, and the next two years will bring many changes in the political scene in the UK, and Europe. Is it too late to sell the domains and Their owner […]

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