owner wants how much for the domain? and up for sale. and up for sale.

It’s over, it’s done: Britain voted itself out of the European Union, after 43 years as a member.

The so-called “Brexit” won’t happen overnight, and the next two years will bring many changes in the political scene in the UK, and Europe.

Is it too late to sell the domains and

Their owner allegedly offered them “for free” to the British exit supporters, but they did not accept the gift.


While we cannot confirm these claims, both domains are now being offered for 3500 GBP – which is a bargain, considering the British pound dropped to 30-year lows.

“ & were offered to the various national Out campaign groups for no charge. After no contact was offered in response it is now up for sale. £3500  Please contact for any enquiries.”

Now that Brexit has finally taken place, the domains aren’t worth as much as before, in our opinion.

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