buyer paid $168,450 dollars for established brand

The marathon auction of the ultra-premium domain took 5 hours of extra time to complete at DropCatch.

Closing at a massive $168,450 dollars, the auction ended after DropCatch account “DemandS” won it. is already in the possession of its new owner, as WHOIS changes indicate. Paying $168,450 dollars overnight means one thing: The buyer of is loaded with cash! 😀

A quick look up of the domain shows “Southend Properties LLC” as the new registrant of in 2014 before its acquisition by Accenture

The Delaware address listed in the public WHOIS shows that it’s a mailbox, while further research connects the auction’s winner to another domain, That domain was also auctioned off on DropCatch for $8,350 dollars earlier this year. Source: NameBio.

The new registrant of acquired an established brand; Reactive was an Australian creative acquired by Accenture in 2014.

Update: WHOIS information is now under privacy at NameBright, the primary domain registrar handling DropCatch domain registrations.

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