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#GDPR : All #European Union countries to be blocked effective May 25, 2018

After nearly 9 years of daily global access to our domain industry publication matched with consistent growth, our audience is about to shrink by 10%. Thanks to GDPR and its ridiculously over-reaching clauses, a decision has been made to block all European Union traffic, effective tomorrow, May 25th, 2018. GDPR is an Orwellian dream, as […]

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#GDPR now 3rd least popular word, after “Nazi” and “Mother-in-law”

GDPR is about to invade the United States, crossing over from Europe, on May 25th. The far-reaching legal concoction devised by Euro bureaucrats, has strict demands and penalties for anyone that dares mess with European data. According to the latest research on popularity, “GDPR” now comes in third after “Nazi” and “Mother-in-law” as least popular […]

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