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#Panama gets bad rep thanks to #WHOIS privacy services

Several companies are formed and based in Panama, in order to provide WHOIS privacy services. Long before the onslaught of the GDPR that rendered WHOIS information useless, the privacy WHOIS option enables both legitimate parties seeking peace of mind, and unscrupulous spammers. New data about digital piracy of images, shows that Panama accounts for 6.76% […]

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#Domain legislation ante portas : #WHOIS going dark would be a mistake

European regulations about data privacy, are about to break one of the oldest status quo instances on the Internet: the domain WHOIS. Turning WHOIS into a dark book of redacted information would be a mistake. Several companies, such as Facebook, Microsoft and Time Warner, sent a letter to ICANN, urging the multinational organization to “immediately […]

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ICANN .WTF ? New web site on WHOIS privacy reform issues

ICANN is about to taste some of its own medicine, after opponents of a pending WHOIS privacy reform launched a protest web site. Operating from ICANN.WTF, the web site contains a letter addressing ICANN on the issue of privacy, mirroring the public letter drafted by civil rights groups. Naturally, the WHOIS info of ICANN.WTF is […]

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