ICANN .WTF ? New web site on WHOIS privacy reform issues



ICANN is about to taste some of its own medicine, after opponents of a pending WHOIS privacy reform launched a protest web site.

Operating from ICANN.WTF, the web site contains a letter addressing ICANN on the issue of privacy, mirroring the public letter drafted by civil rights groups.

Naturally, the WHOIS info of ICANN.WTF is protected by privacy, as seen on DomainTools. 😀

ICANN is a keyword that ranks at position #13 among all gTLDs, according to ZFBot that tracks the gTLD keyword data, with 274 registrations.

The question is, how will ICANN respond; will they file a UDRP to protect their very own brand?

Original story appeared on Michele Neylon’s blog.


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