Plans to ditch WHOIS privacy for European #domain names

The European Union (EU) is reportedly drafting legislation that will increase cybersecurity; the directive will require verifiable contact information for domain names in the WHOIS database.

The changes will seek the storing of data such as name, physical address and phone number for domain registrants and the verification of such data. Such plans will surely indicate the untimely death of WHOIS privacy services that perform domain registrations by proxy.

According to a new blog post by Patrick Breyer, member of the Pirate Party in Germany, the EU directive would lead to the banning of anonymous web sites, and will threaten the safety of activists and whistleblowers.

It’s also ironic that such measures will be toppling the privacy laws introduced by the European Union in 2018, such as GDPR. The measures completely destroyed the verification of WHOIS data for millions of domains worldwide, also protecting criminal activity.

Read the full details here.

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