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#Panama gets bad rep thanks to #WHOIS privacy services

Several companies are formed and based in Panama, in order to provide WHOIS privacy services. Long before the onslaught of the GDPR that rendered WHOIS information useless, the privacy WHOIS option enables both legitimate parties seeking peace of mind, and unscrupulous spammers. New data about digital piracy of images, shows that Panama accounts for 6.76% […]

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Domain piracy : Thousands of domains used to mirror torrent for sale on Sedo

Digital content piracy has been getting stronger in recent years, despite attempts by content providers to thwart it. The proliferation of new gTLDs is also creating new avenues for popular “torrent” providers to replicate content on. The use of gTLD domains to point to or host illegal content is the byproduct of free or low […]

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Torrent legend IsoHunt shuts down after $110 million dollar settlement with MPAA

Today, an era in torrents is ending. IsoHunt, probably the second biggest global torrent web site in the world after The Pirate Bay, is shutting down today – days ahead of an one-week deadline. After reaching a settlement with MPAA, Gary Fung, owner of IsoHunt announced the shutting down of IsoHunt.com: “Initiating Self Destruct – […]

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