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#GoDaddy files for novel #domain registration process patent

GoDaddy has applied for yet another patent related to domain names, and a ground-breaking one it is.

The USPTO application involves “a due process for the lookup and registration of available domain names via an online form; uninterrupted by other domain name recommendations, alternate TLD suggestions, and add-on service provisions.”

Essentially, the GoDaddy patent application is for the provision of a bare-bones WHOIS lookup and registration form: what you enter in the form, is what you get – no more, no less.

“Every domain Registrar in the world is seriously upselling other services, and here at GoDaddy we want to utilize the KISS principle – keep it short, sweetheart,” said VP of WHOIS operations at GoDaddy, Maxwell Lookup.

“From now on, no premium domains are to be added to your screen, no other TLDs, just a green “YES” or a red “NO” when you query a domain name, with a link to register it, when available,” added Maxwell Lookup.

It’s estimated that for every domain name that is queried for availability at GoDaddy.com, 30 premium-priced domains are suggested, along with 725 exotic TLDs, 8 different web hosting and SSL options, and a link to a seminar for chef entrepreneurs. Quite often, the GoDaddy WHOIS form switches inexplicably to Dutch or Hindu.

Since the acquisition of Uniregistry, the biggest domain Registrar in the world has been fixing its old spaghetti code practices and simplifying the overall process to register valuable, meaningful domain names.

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