Bitcoin is down but Swetha is up

Bitcoin is taking a beating, all while Swetha Yenugula scores another large .XYZ domain sale. is the most recent sizable sale by Swetha; the domain was sold for $34,299 dollars or 0.6 BTC at the current rate. Swetha shared the news on Twitter, pointing out that the buyer is once again in the AI, […]

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Phishing domains attempting to hijack accounts

The price of Bitcoin has taken a leap in recent weeks, sending BTC to around $37,000 dollars. As BTC and other cryptocurrencies gained value, there has been an increase in phishing attempts targeting popular crypto wallet storage domains. One of them is, that manages wallets for millions of crypto owners for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. suspends Bitcoin payments for domain sales has suspended payments to accounts that have opted in cryptocurrency payments, receiving their domain sales’ payouts in Bitcoin (BTC.) According to an announcement at the platform, the measure is necessary until some network glitches are fixed: Due to a delay on the BTC network, we are unable to process crypto payouts for the […]

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Bitcoin is on its course “to the moon” as its current price trajectory shows. Each BTC is worth $53,800 dollars as of this moment and while its price fluctuates BTC is being adopted by mainstream financial entities, including PayPal. The quest for Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator, is ongoing and a recent article at […]

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Smart investments: owner did not hold the #domain

In early 2018 the cryptocurrency market tanked, after a short rise in late 2017 led by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The price of Bitcoin went down and did not rise up again until 2020 – a year full of disasters including the Covid-19 pandemic. From below $5,000 dollars in March to the current heights of […]

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Crypto #domains : Is about to be sold? is the official mouthpiece of the Bitcoin foundation; its domain was registered anonymously in 2008. Some believe that Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s designer, registered at DigiRock, Inc. – a Japanese domain registrar – at the time. Satoshi Nakamoto used an anonymous email provider at the time, according to some, but historic WHOIS data from […]

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#Bitcoins .com : How Rodolfo Andragnes started the project in 1998 with a 2000 #domain name

The domain name was registered in 2000, preceding the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto by 9 years. Unbelievable as it may sound, the Bitcoins project started in 1998, when Rodolfo Andragnes, eventual co-founder of Bitcoin Argentina, decided to create a digital currency. Rodolfo Andragnes registered the domain in 2000, to host his Bitcoins project, […]

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Rick Schwartz’s #crypto #Christmas : A #Bitcoin story

An ominous, frozen wind was blowing down hard on the small town of Boca, making even the 45ft yachts at the bay sway like marionettes; their bells chiming in a random pattern with religious overtones. Awaken by the commotion, Rick Schwartz sat up in his bed, rubbed his eyes and looked outside the window. On […]

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#BODIS : Domain parking payouts in #Bitcoin growing in popularity

BODIS, a DomainGang sponsor, operates a successful domain parking and monetization platform from Last year, we interviewed its principals during NamesCon, learned about the company’s processes, and how it constantly strives to improve the services provided. A quick chat with Matt Wegrzyn, founder and CEO of BODIS, identified another important benefit of using the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Colorful #domain changed hands for #Bitcoin

The aged domain,, has changed hands, being acquired by Media Options for an undisclosed sum in Bitcoin. Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options, announced the exceptional domain acquisition earlier today: “We hedged our bet and traded in some Bitcoin to buy ! Only time will tell which side of that bet was smart money!” […]

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Is #Bitcoin crashing? New #domain will let you know!

The volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has not stopped investors and speculators from testing the blockchain waters. BTC prices skyrocketed at the Coinbase exchange, before crashing down hard; many people complained that it’s not volatility that complicates the market, it’s the availability – or lack thereof – of a trading platform such as Coinbase. […]

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#Coinbase crashes as #Bitcoin price shoots through the roof

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, crashed moments ago due to apparent record traffic. During the past hour, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed on the exchange, reaching more than $19,000 dollars. Domain investors that have been supporting BTC, such as Drew Rosener, must be really happy with the popular cryptocurrency’s current levels – truly stratospheric! The […]

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