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Crypto #domains : Is Bitcoin.org about to be sold?

Bitcoin.org is the official mouthpiece of the Bitcoin foundation; its domain was registered anonymously in 2008.

Some believe that Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s designer, registered Bitcoin.org at DigiRock, Inc. – a Japanese domain registrar – at the time.

Satoshi Nakamoto used an anonymous email provider at the time, according to some, but historic WHOIS data from that time show that the email used for Bitcoin.org was “contact@anonymousspeech.com” indicating that the domain AnonymousSpeech.com was itself under the control of Satoshi Nakamoto.

If that were not the case, the registrant of Bitcoin.org would have used, e.g. randomUsername@anonymouspeech.com as the contact email. This proves that either both domains were managed by the same person, or anyone registering domains via AnonymousSpeech.com would essentially surrender their control to the anonymous email provider.

When Satoshi left the Bitcoin community, he handed over the control of the site to a number of trustworthy supporters. Since then, Bitcoin.org has operated as an educational resource about Bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

It seems that the current manager(s) of Bitcoin.org are departing as well, and an outsider might want to step in and usurp the domain, offering a large cash payment.

According to Cointelegraph, Roger Ver wants to buy Bitcoin.org – and that’s the Bitcoin Jesus himself, who is no longer popular among the original Bitcoin supporters, as he promotes the alternate cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash.

The real question is, if Bitcoin.org is on sale or not.

Unlike Ethereum.com that is in private hands, Bitcoin.org is in the hands of the BTC community. Time will tell if the managers of Bitcoin.org decide to cash in, and maybe Satoshi Nakamoto’s ghost might make its appearance from the machine.

Bitcoin.org – is it for sale?

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