#Coinbase crashes as #Bitcoin price shoots through the roof

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, crashed moments ago due to apparent record traffic.

During the past hour, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed on the exchange, reaching more than $19,000 dollars.

Domain investors that have been supporting BTC, such as Drew Rosener, must be really happy with the popular cryptocurrency’s current levels – truly stratospheric!

The issue with Coinbase has not been resolved currently. Regardless, time to take a poll among domain investors:

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Update: Partial functionality has resumed; at the same time, the price of Bitcoin has plummeted to $15,000 dollar levels at the exchange. Coinbase has suspended some transactions for now.

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2 Responses to “#Coinbase crashes as #Bitcoin price shoots through the roof”
  1. Anunt says:

    i sold all my btc too early around $9500.
    now i am too scared to get back in at these levels…
    so i will be staying out…
    good luck…
    hope it goes to a million!!!

  2. Ben says:

    Bitcoin mining company says it was hacked, possible theft worth millions

    “Research company Coindesk said A wallet address referred to by NiceHash users indicates that about 4,700 bitcoins had been stolen. NiceHash said it will stop operating for 24 hours while it verifies how many bitcoins were taken.”

    Here is the news link:

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