Phishing domains attempting to hijack accounts

The price of Bitcoin has taken a leap in recent weeks, sending BTC to around $37,000 dollars. As BTC and other cryptocurrencies gained value, there has been an increase in phishing attempts targeting popular crypto wallet storage domains.

One of them is, that manages wallets for millions of crypto owners for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and numerous other cryptocurrencies.

A recent phishing attack via email fools Gmail filters so well that there is no explicit warning from within Google email, just a note that the email *might* be spam. The message is supposedly sent from with prompts to log into your account.

Checking the email headers the following domain is exposed as the real sender:

Registered just a few weeks ago, the domain is utilized by cybercriminals attempting to steal account credentials from users.

Another domain name used by the same scammers is registered around the same time. Both domain names are registered at

Never click on such emails even when they appear to be legitimate; always type in the destination domain directly.

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