#BODIS : Domain parking payouts in #Bitcoin growing in popularity

BODIS, a DomainGang sponsor, operates a successful domain parking and monetization platform from Bodis.com.

Last year, we interviewed its principals during NamesCon, learned about the company’s processes, and how it constantly strives to improve the services provided.

A quick chat with Matt Wegrzyn, founder and CEO of BODIS, identified another important benefit of using the PPC monetization services at his company: Bitcoin payouts.

Matt told us that out of thousands of customers at BODIS, a solid 10% uses Bitcoin as a payment option, on a monthly basis.

While these numbers might not seem “explosive,” they are definitely much more popular than anticipated, according to Matt.

BODIS converts the USD payouts to BTC at payment time, and Matt is confident that if the growth of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin continues at the same rate, payouts in BTC will be even more popular a year from now.

For more information, visit Bodis.com.

Matt Wegrzyn, founder and CEO of BODIS.

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