#Uniregistry hand sanitizer a hot #NamesCon item to trade!

Uniregistry, a GoDaddy company, gave away a white box full of goodies during NamesCon.

The Uniregistry box contained not only a v-neck t-shirt and a lanyard, but also stickers and a most precious bottle of hand sanitizer.

Emblazoned with the Uniregistry logo, the bottle of sanitizer isn’t just a collectible.

“Somehow, we knew that the Uniregistry sanitizer would be helpful among NamesCon attendees in 2017,” said Darren Cornwell, sorting database tables.

“The Uniregistry hand sanitizer is of great value, both as a collectible, and as liquid gold – good luck finding these alcohol based ‘purells’ at the store!” exclaimed Cornwell, cracking his knuckles.

Although several hundred bottles of Uniregistry hand sanitizer were produced and given away, very few samples are expected to have survived in the course of three years since. If you have one, consider it to be worth between $200 – $600 dollars, depending on the amount of liquid gel remaining.

“I would love to have saved a box of these, they are worth their weight in gold due to the Coronavirus,” said Frank Schilling, former CEO, chilling at the Cayman Islands.

“Selling domains isn’t the only profitable business, Uniregistry brought good karma to everyone who trusted us with their domains, and if you have any of the Uniregistry hand sanitizer left, maybe you can make some profit!” exclaimed Schilling, smiling.

And a final note: While hand sanitizer is good to have, nothing beats a fresh bar of soap, and with that in mind, here’s what it would have been like! 😀

Uniregistry soap – Wash your hands!

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