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NameCheap : Bugging domainers until two factor authentication is added!

One’s choice of domain registrar is quite personal.

We rarely use NameCheap, as we consolidate our domains elsewhere.

Still, NameCheap offers good value for domain investors and it provides an easy to manage domain platform. NameCheap also offers discount coupons and deals quite often, via Twitter.

Having recently logged in to our NameCheap account, we were served the following message, with a clickable captcha:

“Why are you seeing this captcha? Billions of passwords and log in details are stolen and harvested by criminals each year across the internet and then used and checked against other sites in bulk to see if they are valid elsewhere. Because users tend to utilize the same login details across many different sites, the danger here is that a user may have had a password compromised elsewhere without them knowing it and therefore be left vulnerable against this type of attack. We have added this captcha pro-actively as an extra layer of security to prevent these types of threats. We have also included some options for you to minimize your exposure to these captcha prompts below.

In order to remove this captcha prompt for the next 6 months please change your password. You may also enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to permanently disable this notification. You may change your password and 2FA preferences in your account security settings.

This captcha prompt can also be shown as a result of you using non existing username or incorrect password. In this case the purpose of this captcha is to protect your accounts from user enumeration and bruteforce attacks.”

What you see if you haven't enabled two factor authentication at NameCheap.

What you see if you haven’t enabled two factor authentication at NameCheap.

In other words, the message will appear every time that you log in to your NameCheap account, unless you enable two factor authentication!

This is really awesome, as it provides a constant reminder, via this annoyance, of the many benefits that adding your phone number for SMS dispatch offers.

With incidents of domain theft becoming rampant in recent years, having two factor authentication enabled at your domain registrar is a must!

Enabling two factor authentication at NameCheap is easy, and once enabled, you will need to punch in the code that arrived via SMS to your cell phone before given access to your account.

Adding two factor authentication is easy.

Adding two factor authentication is easy.

Other domain registrars with a large user base, such as GoDaddy, should implement the same approach with two factor authentication!

Well done, NameCheap!

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