EuroDNS adds two-step verification to its domain registrant accounts

Domain registrar, EuroDNS, has announced the immediate availability of a two-step verification layer to its customer accounts.

Such security methods help minimize the odds of having domain names hijacked from your account; even if the thief gained access to your username and password.

“Two-step verification (TSV), also known as two-factor authentication (TFA), adds a new security level to your EuroDNS log in process. Once activated, TSV asks for two pieces of information to confirm your identity; your EuroDNS account password, and a unique verification code generated on your smartphone. The code being generated on your smartphone is the same method as having a fob from your bank with a unique code generated each time you wish to access your account. If your password has been compromised, this unique code slams the door in the face of hackers.”

While GoDaddy sends a text message to your smartphone as part of its two-step authentication process, the EuroDNS method uses a separate app you download to your smart phone; it works just like a bank-issued fob gadget.

Among other domain registrars, Uniregistry uses the same method as well, while Fabulous provides a fob if requested.

For more details on the EuroDNS announcement, click here.

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