Partially degraded service at #domain registrar #eNom

Domain registrar, eNom, announced that some of its services are “partially degraded.” The issue is related to how some domain names resolve for active web sites, after the installation and configuration of SSL certificates: We’ve found the problem with Enom-hosted websites not resolving or showing the wrong website after installing or configuring new SSL certificate. […]

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Domain transfers past expiration : It won’t work with eNom!

In a recent article about domain transfers past expiration, we came to the conclusion that they are feasible. Most domain registrars these days take a non-aggressive stance to losing customers, in hopes that overall they’ll attract more. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with eNom and its antiquated back-end interface, so an update is due on […]

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Two national holidays and a wedding : Where’s the domain, eNom & Tucows?

WTF? It seems that eNom and Tucows are “jerking” around in the middle of a long weekend, that includes a Canadian 150th anniversary and the July 4th national holiday in the US. Domain investor, Francois Carrillo, is having a serious issue with one of his premium domains at eNom, and no response from eNom – […]

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NameCheap : No love for Tucows?

NameCheap is apparently going on its own as an ICANN-accredited registrar, and not following eNom in the lap of Tucows. The latter, acquired eNom from Rightside, and NameCheap was an eNom (super) reseller for many years; the ICANN accreditation came in 2013. Now, domains registered at NameCheap don’t display eNom as the registrar, but NameCheap […]

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Domainer jobs : Rightside / eNom talent available for hire

The recent acquisition of eNom by Tucows involved the unfortunate layoff from Rightside of several employees. Mergers and acquisitions condense capital and assets and while all effort is made to retain everyone, this is not logistically possible. We are aware of at least two hard-working former Rightside employees who did not make it: Bari Meyerson-Kissel […]

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ThreeCows : Domain rebranding for Tucows after eNom acquisition

Hours after acquiring eNom for a reported $83.5 million dollars in hard cash, Tucows is rebranding. “Going from Tucows to Threecows, was an anticipated domain rebranding, and adding eNom strengthens our brand tremendously,” said Ricky Lake, social media manager for Tucows. “Everyone is having a cow today, and we’re definitely going to milk it, until […]

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eNom : Transfer policy and the “60-day domain lockdown” snafu by ICANN

We continue our coverage on the 60-day lockdown period imposed to domain transfers by ICANN, when WHOIS information is changed. Registrars can offer an opt-out process, and so far we reached out to, and Uniregistry, who responded with their respective policies and process. eNom, a Rightside company, have announced that they too support the […]

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eNom hit with DDoS attack – domain registrar is currently stable

Domain registrar, eNom, became the target of a DDoS attack today, from which it recovered. According to information shared on the eNom public support channel, the DDoS attack affected DNS and domain name resolving. At 3:14am Eastern, eNom posted: “We are currently aware of issues effecting domain name resolution. We are actively monitoring and working […]

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Douchebag domain spammer of the week :

A new douchebag spammer has shown its ugly phuckstick head this week. Sending out masses of spam to holders of mostly .ORG domains, the assmunching domain spammer is using to facilitate this digital mass ejaculation of unsolicited email. The domain has been registered with eNom and is hosted on the same IP ( as […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Formerly stolen domain has been recovered

In April of this year, we reported that the premium, aged domain was stolen from its legitimate owner. At the time, Mr. AJ Alfieri-Crispin, shared the agony of witnessing the domain disappear from his registrar account in the course of 25 minutes. The owner’s Odyssey ended about a month ago, when the 3rd District […]

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