eNom hit with DDoS attack – domain registrar is currently stable

Domain registrar, eNom, became the target of a DDoS attack today, from which it recovered.

According to information shared on the eNom public support channel, the DDoS attack affected DNS and domain name resolving.


At 3:14am Eastern, eNom posted:

“We are currently aware of issues effecting domain name resolution. We are actively monitoring and working to resolve quickly.”

A few minutes later, the status was updated:

“We are still investigating the intermittent domain name resolution problems. We appreciate everyone’s patience.”

At 5:13am there was another update:

“While we still do not have an ETA to provide, our engineers are making progress and seeing connection improvement. Thank you.”

Moments later, the good news arrived:

“The DNS resolution issue has been resolved. You still may experience intermittent issues as everything clears up. Thank you!”

A few minutes ago, eNom tweeted:

“We apologize for any overnight DNS slowness/outages experienced due to a DDOS. All services are back up.”

Cybercriminals often target domain registrars to affect DNS servers providing service to companies. In recent days, a massive DDoS attack affected numerous service providers in the US, by targeting their DNS provider, Dyn.

For more information on eNom downtimes and updates to issues, you can follow @enomsupport on Twitter.

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