Two national holidays and a wedding : Where’s the domain, eNom & Tucows?

O, Canada.

WTF? It seems that eNom and Tucows are “jerking” around in the middle of a long weekend, that includes a Canadian 150th anniversary and the July 4th national holiday in the US.

Domain investor, Francois Carrillo, is having a serious issue with one of his premium domains at eNom, and no response from eNom – a subsidiary of Tucows.

Says Francois:

“I have an expensive domain expiring July 5 and there is now +12 days I get zero response from Enom and Tucows to let me access my account despite all the emails and PM sent.”

On top of all this, one of the key support managers at Tucows is getting married.

Good for him, and we wish him all the best, but how about having someone in place while he’s dancing and having champagne, eh?

But seriously, Tucows and eNom need to shape up or face loss en masse of domain investors, whose premium domain assets are with the registrar.

There is no excuse!

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