Digital #brands in 2018 : City #TLD performance report from #DOTZON Consulting

Digital brands have increased their footprint with the introduction of new gTLDs. German consulting group DOTZON, operates from the domain name Dotzon.Consulting which is a perfect fit for their brand. The company has composed a report on digital city brands, geographical identifiers at the TLD level: “[…] the Digital City Brand is much more than […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Generic #domain about #TLDs ends at five figures!

As we predicted, the domain name ended at five figures at DropCatch. After a long auction, the domain ended up at $11,161 dollars. WOW! There is no way that an “end user” bid on this domain-specific domain name; some domain investor really wanted this domain about TLDs! 😀 Spending “five figs” as one would […]

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#DropCatch : Are you bidding on the dropped #domain ?

The unthinkable happened: the four letter domain dropped, and it’s being auctioned at DropCatch, currently. Before its new incarnation, was registered in 1998 and was forwarded to for more than a decade. Currently, is being bid on by a bunch of domainers: 94 bids from 70 bidders have sent the price […]

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Domainer Comics : The Minds of Domainer Millionaires

It’s already been two months since the last edition of Domainer Comics, the open-ended coverage of current domain industry events. Recent events about the new gTLDs have led to heated arguments, on a variety of media – including Twitter. To honor two great domainer millionaires, Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling, we conducted the following deep […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain research tool dumps Flash, expands options

ZFBot, the domain research tool that scans millions of domain records within TLD zone files, has been drastically revamped. Not only is the new version of ZFBot faster and better than ever, it also waves goodbye to Adobe Flash. Ken Greenwood, developer of the ZFBot tool and its assorted app for iOS, shared the news […]

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Blue Cloak Research : Security firm warns about the Internet’s most dangerous domains!

Blue Cloak Research, a security firm with decades of experience in the field, has released a shocking report about the Internet’s most dangerous domain names. Issuing a stern warning about where unsuspected Internet users should be pointing their browsers to, Blue Cloak Research CEO, Hugh G. Johnson, stated: “If you’re visiting anything other than a […]

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ICANN restores access to improved CZDS panel

ICANN has restored access to its Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS) improving or adding features. The system is used for monitoring the zone files across TLDs and gTLDs: As previously communicated, ICANN has deployed several updates to the CZDS today. The updates haves been successfully completed and CZDS is ready for your use again. The […]

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Which TLD dropped the most this year? The results might shock you!

When it comes down to absolute numbers, .com is king. With more than 91 million registrations, dot com – one of the three original TLDs along with .net and .org – is ruling the domain registration waves. The .com TLD increased its numbers by more than 7 million domains, or roughly 8.5% during 2010. While […]

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