Downtime at #eNom reveals a handy TLD, gTLD and ccTLD chart

Domain registrar eNom is having a scheduled downtime for some of its functions currently. In particular, the following activities are offline at the time of this post: Availability Checks Whois Services Domain Purchases Domain Renewals Domain Updates That’s pretty much anything you need to do with managing your domains at eNom! 🙂 But wait, there’s […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Francois pulls the plug at midnight on Friday

It’s often a good idea to refresh one’s business, and, the active project of French domain entrepreneur Francois Carrillo, is not an exception. Despite recent rumors on a sale, the buyer disappeared into thin air, sending Francois off in a quest for a business partner. As of today, there has been no official announcement […]

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Strange outage: The Domains is down

Update 11:30pm: The Domains is now accessible. Yay! 😀 For some unknown reason, Mike Berkens’s blog – TheDomains – is currently down. There is no indication of whether it’s a scheduled downtime, and no tweets about it either. According to Down for Everyone or Just me, the site is down. Mike posted an interesting article […]

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