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Finally Usable Crypto Karma : The best .IO domain for the best crypto!

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, the play money of the 21st century, then check out the Finally Usable Crypto Karma token, that delivers a whimsical acronym (FUCK.) According to the description of the token’s developers: “FUCK Token is a social cryptocurrency that aims to help everyone around the world give a FUCK. Our cryptocurrency allows anyone, […]

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Fashion Metric : Company moves to .IO domain citing industry trends

Mega start-up, Fashion Metric, is ruffling domainers’ feathers today, with the announcement of moving from its .COM to an .IO domain. Fashion Metric co-founder and popular blogger, Morgan Linton, justified this move by submitting to peer pressure from industry pioneers. “Moving from a secure .COM to an .IO is like moving out of your parents’ […]

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Start-up shocker: Do you still support .io domains after reading this?

A great investigative article at GIGAOM unveils “The dark side of .io” – the article reveals how the only benefactor from the registration of dot .io domains, is the British government. Making earnings from a “shady Cold War land deal“, the article describes the formation of the British Indian Ocean Territory, part of which is […]

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