sold for $190,000 dollars on SquadHelp

The domain name was sold for $190,000 dollars on the SquadHelp platform. According to domain investor and broker, James Booth, the sale took place mere hours ago. It was not his own sale; James was merely sharing the sale of as it was recorded on the SquadHelp dashboard. If the sale is […]

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Dot .io #domain names are trending—Here’s why

Ever since the first registration of a dot .io domain in 1997, the ccTLD that Google treats as “generic” has grown to more than 1,100,000 domains. Seen as a reference to “input/output” and thus attracting the computer crowd, the popular extension carries several characteristics, making it appealing to tech companies, gaming and e-sports websites, and […]

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Ebay did not pay for the domain

Ebay is a large corporation with an established brand, domain, and trademark. is the destination of choice to acquire millions of items every year. It registered the domain in 1995. Meanwhile, the domain was registered in 2011 by a Chinese individual. At some point, the domain was most likely sold but it wasn’t […]

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The dictionary domain just sold for a mountain of money on Afternic. Sharing details about the sale, its registrant mentioned the price: $90,000 dollars. Said “Barman” on Twitter: This is a crazy email to open in your inbox from Afternic. It’s insane to me that someone hits the BIN button on an almost 6-figure […]

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Investor held 2-letter .io domain for 5 days before it was clawed back

A domain investor from India was thanking his lucky stars, after managing to register a premium, 2-letter .IO domain. Using Namecheap as the domain registrar, the investor registered the domain along with on November 17, 2021. But just 5 days later, the Registry took the domain back, “clawing” it due to an error. […]

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#Amberdata windfall: Dot .com owner might get six figures in #domain sale

Digital asset data company, Amberdata, announced it has raised $15 million dollars in a Series A round led by Citi. Franklin Templeton, Galaxy Digital, Rovida Kruptos Assets along with executives at GoldenTree Asset Management also participated in the capital raise. Amberdata will use the funds to double R&D headcount and expand go-to-market both in the […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : James Booth scores #domain sale with 1000% ROI

James Booth, the domain artist previously known as, has announced yet another big .IO sale. The domain was sold for $47,000 dollars, achieving a ROI of over 1,000% according to James. That means James Booth spent approximately $4,000 dollars on the domain Now that’s some strategic planning! The sale of surpasses […]

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End of summer : James Booth scores big with Sun.IO #domain sale

Domain investor and broker, James Booth, scored yet another big sale, letting go of Sun.IO for a reported $49,995 dollars. While others dig into .VC for some sun, James scored with a ccTLD popular among start-ups. The sale of Sun.IO took place on, formerly known as Undeveloped. So how does Sun.IO rank among other […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. in #Sedo auction after $50k bid – A chance for higher selling price?

The domain has received a $50,000 dollar bid on Sedo. The domain’s registrant had the chance to take the offer, or counter higher. Instead, they sent to a Sedo auction. Lasting 7 days, such Sedo auctions are great when there is potential to involve other parties in a bidding war. But the seller […]

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#President Donald Trump switches campaign #domain to matching .IO

Big news for the .IO crowd this afternoon, as President Donald Trump announced his support of dot .IO domain names. Touting the Republican approach to the internet and new technology, and addressing the November elections, Donald Trump tweeted his plan to switch from a .com domain, to DonaldTrump.IO: Sorry to inform the Dot Com Democrats […]

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All 26 single letter .IO domains are taken, but are they being used?

Owning a single letter domain in any TLD can be both useful, and pricey. Single letter domains can cost millions of dollars to acquire, and many registries hold onto them until later on, to sell individually or via auctions. The dot .IO Registry operates the ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory, and not without […]

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Fashion Metric : Company moves to .IO domain citing industry trends

Mega start-up, Fashion Metric, is ruffling domainers’ feathers today, with the announcement of moving from its .COM to an .IO domain. Fashion Metric co-founder and popular blogger, Morgan Linton, justified this move by submitting to peer pressure from industry pioneers. “Moving from a secure .COM to an .IO is like moving out of your parents’ […]

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