sold for $190,000 dollars on SquadHelp

The domain name was sold for $190,000 dollars on the SquadHelp platform. According to domain investor and broker, James Booth, the sale took place mere hours ago. It was not his own sale; James was merely sharing the sale of as it was recorded on the SquadHelp dashboard. Not my sale but […]

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The domain name is “off the market forever,” as it was declared “sold” by domain investor, James Booth. James shared the news on social media, adding that was sold for a nice round $125,000 dollars in a single payment. Whoa nelly! The domain was parked at SquadHelp which would probably receive kudos for […]

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Dot .io #domain names are trending—Here’s why

Ever since the first registration of a dot .io domain in 1997, the ccTLD that Google treats as “generic” has grown to more than 1,100,000 domains. Seen as a reference to “input/output” and thus attracting the computer crowd, the popular extension carries several characteristics, making it appealing to tech companies, gaming and e-sports websites, and […]

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#President Donald Trump switches campaign #domain to matching .IO

Big news for the .IO crowd this afternoon, as President Donald Trump announced his support of dot .IO domain names. Touting the Republican approach to the internet and new technology, and addressing the November elections, Donald Trump tweeted his plan to switch from a .com domain, to DonaldTrump.IO: Sorry to inform the Dot Com Democrats […]

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All 26 single letter .IO domains are taken, but are they being used?

Owning a single letter domain in any TLD can be both useful, and pricey. Single letter domains can cost millions of dollars to acquire, and many registries hold onto them until later on, to sell individually or via auctions. The dot .IO Registry operates the ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory, and not without […]

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Finally Usable Crypto Karma : The best .IO domain for the best crypto!

If you’re into cryptocurrencies, the play money of the 21st century, then check out the Finally Usable Crypto Karma token, that delivers a whimsical acronym (FUCK.) According to the description of the token’s developers: “FUCK Token is a social cryptocurrency that aims to help everyone around the world give a FUCK. Our cryptocurrency allows anyone, […]

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