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#President Donald Trump switches campaign #domain to matching .IO

Big news for the .IO crowd this afternoon, as President Donald Trump announced his support of dot .IO domain names.

Touting the Republican approach to the internet and new technology, and addressing the November elections, Donald Trump tweeted his plan to switch from a .com domain, to DonaldTrump.IO:

Sorry to inform the Dot Com Democrats – I am switching to the very very better .IO domain name, DonaldTrump.IO for this November fight for #MAGA. Corrupt Biden still on a .com? Very bad!

Less than an hour later, the President deleted the tweet, following backlash from Verisign, managers of the .com domain Registry.

While DonaldTrump.IO has indeed been sold, it’s now uncertain whether the President will proceed with his plans to popularize the British Indian Ocean Territory ccTLD among Republicans, and US politicians in general.

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2 Responses to “#President Donald Trump switches campaign #domain to matching .IO”
  1. TH says:

    .SS is in the process of launching. Word is that once they got wind of that, they reversed course and are going with the more appropriate TLD. Something about ‘very fine people on all sides of the racist hate-mongering divide’.

  2. RaTHeaD says:

    see… this one i know is satirical. i’ve been following trump and learning about satire.

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