Fashion Metric : Company moves to .IO domain citing industry trends

Mega start-up, Fashion Metric, is ruffling domainers’ feathers today, with the announcement of moving from its .COM to an .IO domain.

Fashion Metric co-founder and popular blogger, Morgan Linton, justified this move by submitting to peer pressure from industry pioneers.

“Moving from a secure .COM to an .IO is like moving out of your parents’ house to a crappy apartment on your own,” said Morgan Linton.

“At first, things are tight and you’re scared, every strange noise gives you the creeps, but eventually you meet that hot chick on the 3rd floor and all is cool!” added Linton, smiling.

Thousands of start-ups in Austin, Texas have switched from .COM to .IO domains, simply because someone else they know did it.

“I know a guy who changed to an .IO domain, and he did so because his girlfriend’s bestie has a boyfriend who works for this urban gadget start-up in Peoria, and they switched too,” said Morgan Linton, adding: “It’s ok if you don’t switch, you’re still my friend and I’ll buy you appletinis at NamesCon!”

Dot .IO domains belong to the British colonialists, living on a little island at the Indian Ocean, which forcefully evacuated the locals to rent a naval base to the US 50 years ago.


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