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Search.io : James Booth scores #domain sale with 1000% ROI

James Booth, celebrating yet another domain sale.

James Booth, the domain artist previously known as James.com, has announced yet another big .IO sale.

The domain Search.io was sold for $47,000 dollars, achieving a ROI of over 1,000% according to James.

That means James Booth spent approximately $4,000 dollars on the domain Search.io.

Now that’s some strategic planning!

The sale of Search.io surpasses James Booth’s recent sale of Club.io. It’s now the #18 sale of an .IO domain according to NameBio.

Congratulations, James! 😀

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One Response to “Search.io : James Booth scores #domain sale with 1000% ROI”
  1. Jeff Schneider says:

    Hello Lucius,
    Time for Legacy (.com EPA) holders to give back !

    We are feeling compelled to truly make a difference. We will be putting our money where our mouth is. Anyone who is a (.com EPA) holder) can contribute to our Global Warming Initiative (HelpRaiseFunds.com) please no contributions at HelpRaiseFunds.com till site is up!!! JAS 5/19/2021

    Gratefully and respectfully , Jeff Schneider. (Contact Group) Metal Tiger, Former (Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Strategic Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed C.B.O.C. Commodity Hedge Strategist) Domain Master, (UseBiz.com)

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