Would you SELL your matching first name .com?

James Booth, seller of James.com

The sale of James.com by domain investor, James Booth, is a remarkable feat, and not just due to the price.

James.com was acquired by crypto boffin James William Awad for $440,000 dollars. James Booth had acquired the domain previously for an amount that was not disclosed.

Selling one’s own first name .com to someone else is not something everyone would consider doing, let alone a common first name that makes the .com unique among many others by the same name.

Apparently, James Booth decided that it made more sense to flip it for profit that keep it as an expensive gift to himself. 😀

Time to take a poll on that very subject!

Would you SELL your first name .com to someone else?

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2 Responses to “Would you SELL your matching first name .com?”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Got offered Rod/Com for a mere $50,000 the other year, sadly did not have the spare funds, but boy oh boy if I could have, I would have! Anyways, I’ll just have to stick with Rod/Tv ……which from memory was a $125 premium from one of the registry’s at the time, cheers!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Rod – Great insight, thanks!

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