Constantine Roussos on the .Music trademark, ICANN and the gTLD program

Constantine Roussos, whose company has applied for the .Music gTLD, is currently facing ICANN’s bureaucracy and effective bias towards the gTLD applications of large corporations. Unfazed by the recent gTLD process hurdles that have generated a lot of criticism, Roussos is currently preparing a strong comeback, to ensure that his .Music brand and registered trademark […]

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ICANN & .MUSIC gTLD: Upholding US vs. International trademark law

It seems that no-one is willing to tell it like it truly is: despite its multi-national personnel and leadership, ICANN is clearly upholding the laws of the United States and the USPTO in particular. This shocking revelation comes as a further slap in the face of established entrepreneurs, such as Constantine Roussos of the .MUSIC […]

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Sahar Sarid buys

Not content with being an expert player of the Japanese flute known as “shakuhachi“, domain investor and popular blogger Sahar Sarid is now investing in the ultimate keyword. “After selling for umtillion dollars, I thought, what is life and why are we on this earth?”, says Sahar, smiling. “The universe is infinite and we […]

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Hola! Living la vida loca – Ricky Martin has come out of the proverbial closet. Years after his fans and foes alike pointed out the obvious – the father of two boys has declared today on his web site that he is gay: “What will happen from now on? It doesn’t matter. I can only […]

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Lady Gaga – Creative Advertising of

Lady Gaga’s new song and assorted video clip, “Telephone” is causing some major stir and it’s not just on the dance floor. Known for her fiery and unconventional approach to music, Lady Gaga delivers yet another trash masterpiece, with visuals that accompany the song in an amusing and entertaining way. That’s what Lady Gaga is […]

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