fails to meet five-figure asking price

A Bido auction for the domain name ended with the domain being unsold. The top bid of $2,381 did not surpass the reserve price of $65,000. The seller describes as a “category killer” domain but in all reality, sixty-five grand is more than one needs to open a pet store affiliated with large […]

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Sahar Sarid buys

Not content with being an expert player of the Japanese flute known as “shakuhachi“, domain investor and popular blogger Sahar Sarid is now investing in the ultimate keyword. “After selling for umtillion dollars, I thought, what is life and why are we on this earth?”, says Sahar, smiling. “The universe is infinite and we […]

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Nothing funny about Bido closing down

Having met Sahar Sarid and Jarred Cohen in person, I can honestly say they are two of the nicest guys in the domain business. During the past several months, the Bido platform matured into a pleasant, glitch-free system to buy and sell domain names. Some say the mechanism was a bit too complex to follow. […]

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An Embarrassing Moment at Bido’s party at TRAFFIC

During TRAFFIC Las Vegas, Bido sponsored a party that totally rocked. Not only because everyone had the chance to let loose and mingle, but also because that same night David Castello got on stage and played some truly mean drums. It felt like the hair band era was back, once again; despite our receding hairlines […]

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Just a quick announcement here that I, Lucius “Guns” Fabrice, have left (on good terms) to focus solely on DomainGang has now spun off as its own separate entity where I assume the CEO position while Giovanni “Crazee” Mossolini moved up from VP Operations to the COO job. This change has no effect […]

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