ThreeCows : Domain rebranding for Tucows after eNom acquisition

Hours after acquiring eNom for a reported $83.5 million dollars in hard cash, Tucows is rebranding.

“Going from Tucows to Threecows, was an anticipated domain rebranding, and adding eNom strengthens our brand tremendously,” said Ricky Lake, social media manager for Tucows.

“Everyone is having a cow today, and we’re definitely going to milk it, until they all come home,” added Ricky Lake, smiling.

The acquisition of eNom by Tucows gave the opportunity to the corporate in-house designer to do some creative work with their logo, and assorted marketing materials.

Domain rebranding is a multi-million dollar business, and many domain companies eventually change their marketing material, to better promote their corporate culture and brand.

“We have a new logo, adding eNom as the 3rd cash cow of our business. Thank you, Rightside, for trusting us with this beefy domain registrar!” exclaimed Ricky Lake, now of Threecows.

If you are part of the domain investors group attending NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas, look out for Tucows/Threecows/eNom at the hotel’s private barn, next to the casino and give them a moo or two.

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