Domainer jobs : Rightside / eNom talent available for hire

The recent acquisition of eNom by Tucows involved the unfortunate layoff from Rightside of several employees.

Mergers and acquisitions condense capital and assets and while all effort is made to retain everyone, this is not logistically possible.

We are aware of at least two hard-working former Rightside employees who did not make it: Bari Meyerson-Kissel and Sean Ottey.

Both Bari and Sean are interested in pursuing career opportunities in the domain industry.

Bari’s extensive experience as a senior account manager goes back to the days of Moniker, and of course eNom. She’s extremely likable and has helped resolve many domain-related issues for customers over the course of many years, directing them to the proper channels.

Sean’s a new Internet era technology and product evangelist, who would be a great asset to any company; we recently reviewed and applauded his statement on ethics and NameJet bidding.

If you are a domain industry company seeking to hire new talent, these two professionals have the skills and the personality to bring great value to your corporation.

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    %%- Best of Success to Bari and Sean! -%%

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