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eNom : Transfer policy and the “60-day domain lockdown” snafu by ICANN

We continue our coverage on the 60-day lockdown period imposed to domain transfers by ICANN, when WHOIS information is changed. Registrars can offer an opt-out process, and so far we reached out to Name.com, and Uniregistry, who responded with their respective policies and process. eNom, a Rightside company, have announced that they too support the […]

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Uniregistry : Opting out of the new 60-day “domain lock down” ICANN imposed

We asked several domain registrars about how to opt out from the new 60-day domain lock down period that ICANN imposed, when WHOIS changes are made to a domain. First, a backgrounder on what the heck is going on. Effective today, December 1st, domain updates that in the past were handled internally by a Registrar, […]

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