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Name.com : Domain registrar survived a DDoS attack made by cellphones!

Domain registrar, Name.com, was recently attacked by an army of cellphones. The DDoS attack was orchestrated by whoever uploaded two malicious apps at the Google Play store. According to a video by Name.com, the apps started sending traffic to their network even when they ran in the background. Unsuspecting users would only realize something funky […]

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WHOIS privacy unmasked at 282,867 eNom domains in Google Apps snafu

Long before becoming a registrar, Google partnered with eNom to roll out domain registration services via its Google Apps. While thousands of registrants opted for WHOIS privacy, some glitch in the Google Apps software instructed eNom to reveal the registrants’ information at the time of the domains’ renewal. The glitch slowly but surely affected a […]

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Google Apps partners with Key Systems’ DomainDiscount24

Google Apps just announced that they have partnered with KeySystems/Keydrive and their DomainDiscount24 outfit, in order to provide ccTLD domain registration services. As mentioned on the Google Apps blog: “Now, businesses that wish to sign up for Google Apps but don’t yet have a domain name have plenty of local options to choose from during […]

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