Domain Cloud: Google is upping the ante with one-stop management shop

Google is the #1 search engine and also an accredited domain registrar that’s about to leverage is immense footprint.

Cloud Domains is a new, one-stop shop by Google, providing administrators and developers with the convenience of managing domains, DNS and SSL management, and more from a single source.

What are the key benefits of using Cloud Domains? According to Google:

  • Simplified user experience: Cloud Domains greatly simplifies the custom domain registration and management experience in Google Cloud. Cloud Domains enables customers to register domain names natively within Google Cloud via the Google Cloud Console UI, gcloud, and API, and offers automatic domain verification based on user accounts. Domain registration pricing is simple and transparent with registration and renewals for .coms starting at $12/year. Privacy protection is included for free.
  • End-to-end domain management: Cloud Domains simplifies domain management by performing automatic domain verification. For customers looking to use Cloud DNS, the Cloud Domains UI provides easy access to Cloud DNS to set up public zones and DNS records.
  • Enhanced security: Cloud Domains provides one-click DNSSEC configuration when used in conjunction with Cloud DNS. Cloud Domains supports increased security with Cloud IAM permissions providing enterprise-grade access management.
  • Managed billing with Google Cloud: Cloud Domains uses Google Cloud Billing so that you have a hassle-free domain renewal experience and a single place to manage all Google Cloud resources.
  • API and gcloud: Cloud Domains comes with an API for domain management and registration that you can use to programmatically manage your domain portfolio.

Try it out.

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