Google Domains migration to Squarespace is incomplete

Did you register your domains with Google Domains? That ship has now sailed, as Google announced the sale of its domain business to Squarespace last summer.

The deal closed at the end of September 2023 but that was at an administrative level: With almost 10 million domains under management at the time, the deal involved approximately $180 million dollars.

Not all domain names registered at Google Domains transferred instantly; the transition has taken the better part of four months and it’s ongoing. Many domains are still sitting at Google Domains, all while WHOIS information shows Squarespace as the registrar!

What do you need to do to manage any domains that you registered at Google Domains?

The first step is to log in at Domains.Google of course. If your domains are already at Squarespace, the account will redirect you there; if not, these domains are still sitting at your Google Domains account and you can continue managing them there.

That important part was added recently, along with other instructions, on the Squarespace Help Center.

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