Google Domains migration to Squarespace is incomplete

Did you register your domains with Google Domains? That ship has now sailed, as Google announced the sale of its domain business to Squarespace last summer. The deal closed at the end of September 2023 but that was at an administrative level: With almost 10 million domains under management at the time, the deal involved […]

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Popular domain registrar and auction platform is determined to enter the new year with a bang. Our kind sponsor sent out a press release asking everyone who will be registering domain names to take note of the date: January 1, 2024. Starting on that date, the cost of dot .com registrations will drop to […]

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Domain registrar,, has quietly rolled out important upgrades to its domain management system. Note: Sav is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. The current upgrades include the introduction of a solid layer of two-factor authentication (2FA) that involves the use of authenticator apps. This method is considerably more secure than email and SMS authentication methods, which […]

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Epik: Domainers are not our core customer

If you’re a domain investor, take notice: Epik does not consider you a “core customer.” Facing challenges and a blown up Masterbucks economy, Epik CEO Brian Royce made this statement on Twitter, in response to a comment that demonstrated the fall of Epik as a domainer-centric registrar: “Domainers are not our core customer. They represent […]

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John Malkovich : Get your domain before it’s gone!

Actor John Malkovich is searching for his full name as a .com, and it’s taken. He gets pissed off. Who is this impostor that has his domain name? Who is behind ? He starts typing an email to the owner of and his frustration is evident. It’s a new video by all-in-one solutions […]

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Uniregistry : Transfer your .COM for a low rate during NamesCon 2017

Uniregistry just shared with us some exciting news, regarding NamesCon 2017 and domain names: Until January 31, 2017 you can transfer an unlimited number of .COM domain names to Uniregistry for $8.45* per domain name. To redeem, simply visit Uniregistry and enter the coupon code NAMESCON17 when prompted during the transfer checkout process. Terms: *Offer […]

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Domain investor banned for registering too many domains

When it comes down to registering domain names, more is merrier. Frank Zabowlski, a domain investor veteran from Milwaukee, seems to agree with this argument; his domain portfolio consists of more than 85,000 unique, valuable domain names. “I was lucky to start back in the day when domain registrations were expensive and every keyword was […]

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Domain companies to be grateful for : Uniregistry

Merry Christmas domainers! 😀 The end of 2015 is nigh, and on that note we’re sending out our appreciation for companies that throughout the year strove to deliver a variety of great services to domain investors. After covering and DomainTools, it’s the turn of Uniregistry and its domain registrar services. Not just another registrar […]

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Uniregistry launches Knowledge Base

Uniregistry has launched “Knowledge Base” – a collection of answers to questions, that is easy to search or browse: “Visit our newly launched Knowledge Base to learn about all of the Uniregistry features available at your finger tips, including bulk edit features and more! The old saying “Knowledge is Power” is true especially when it comes […]

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Moniker ‘patient zero’ warned registrar on security breach in late August

A former Moniker customer’s rage over the recently exploited security breach, is off the charts. He has reason to believe that his account, presumably containing valuable domains, was the first one to be targeted in late August by hackers originating from Egypt and Lebanon, who created sub-accounts. Despite warning Moniker about the issue, he was […]

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Domainer getting ‘heart palpitations’ thanks to Network Solutions

A frustrated domainer over at DNForum, is getting palpitations by the way Network Solutions treats its customers. Despite the apparent chest pains, the domain investor maintains his sense of humor and offers Network Solutions some sound advice regarding domain names, using the following three-pointer: Please update your computers so that when I have to call […]

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Domainers missing the ‘Monte’ days as Moniker troubles continue

For many domainers that have been involved with domain investing for at least a decade, the days of Monte Cahn running the show at Moniker, are sorely missed. Moniker has faced persistent problems with connectivity in recent months, paired with a lack of consistent issue resolution. On Friday, access to the Moniker domain panel was […]

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