Domainers missing the ‘Monte’ days as Moniker troubles continue

For many domainers that have been involved with domain investing for at least a decade, the days of Monte Cahn running the show at Moniker, are sorely missed.

Legendary domainer, Monte Cahn, has a direct lineage to Achilles - sacker of Troy

Legendary domainer, Monte Cahn, was once immortalized in this TRAFFIC meme, for his ability to resolve issues.

Moniker has faced persistent problems with connectivity in recent months, paired with a lack of consistent issue resolution.

On Friday, access to the Moniker domain panel was once again intermittent, and to many completely offline.

As the problems continued well into Saturday afternoon; several domainers voiced their frustration:

“Haven’t been able to get on yesterday or today.:mad::confused:  You would think they would post here or email to let us know what is happening.” said one DNForum user, while others chimed in:

“Most renewals were failing since Friday. A few hours ago I managed to renew some, but I’m still waiting for those I paid before to be renewed.”

“4 days later, renewals continue to fail. Who is going to pay for my time and stress? I sent too many support requests, ruining my health as I have carpal tunnel syndrome and a lot more to think about. “

“Site is really slow. Takes multiple attempts to login. Transfer out requests keep failing too. “

Some, clearly longed for the days that Monte Cahn was around:

“Ahhhh for the good old days when Monte ran Moniker. This would never have been acceptable….and it never would have gone for days.”

After leaving Moniker in December 2010, Monte Cahn co-founded Right of the Dot, with Michael Berkens. The new company specializes in gTLD consulting and domain asset monetization.

There’s no doubt that Monte Cahn left his positive mark during the Moniker days, but the real issue is identifying the recurring issues at Moniker and providing a permanent resolution.

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4 Responses to “Domainers missing the ‘Monte’ days as Moniker troubles continue”
  1. Sameh says:

    Speaking of Moniker, I received an email titled “[Moniker] Requested Information” 30 minutes ago with first line of email body “Per your request, here is the list of accounts associated with this email.”

    I didn’t request any info from Moniker and last time I visited the website was last week when I was transferring out some domains I won on SnapNames.

    PS: The email is legit. It the correct info and it’s coming from Moniker.

  2. Louise says:

    Moniker resolved my issues satisfactorily so far. The most recent, couldn’t renew a dot co dot uk due in December. It looked renewed on the public whosis, but not in my dashboard. Ms. Marti Johnson stepped in, and updated the dashboard expiration date, and renewed it complimentary, so I am satisfied.

    Moniker is moving to a new template, so expect glitches. Please be patient.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Sameh – Do you think that was a glitch, e.g. a batch email that somehow got delayed?

    Louise – Marti does a great job indeed, but the overall sentiment is unmistakably negative.

  4. Sameh says:

    DomainGang – I never requested this info so I don’t think it’s a delayed email. Maybe it has something to do with moving to the new interface.

    Unfortunately, the email doesn’t have any details about who requested the info (ex: IP Address).

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