Domainer getting ‘heart palpitations’ thanks to Network Solutions

A frustrated domainer over at DNForum, is getting palpitations by the way Network Solutions treats its customers.

Despite the apparent chest pains, the domain investor maintains his sense of humor and offers Network Solutions some sound advice regarding domain names, using the following three-pointer:

  • Please update your computers so that when I have to call repeatedly your agents don’t say things like “My computer is running slow” or the “Network is down tonight”. I’m not asking for anything special, I just don’t want to have to call you over and over because the things your supervisors promise, like a simple domain push/transfer, seem to be impossible.
  • Please Stop blaming SnapNames. OK I get it, there’s an issue transferring names acquired in that platform. So please fix it, or at least tell your own people that there’s a problem. If you’ve recognized a problem but continue to allow customers to have a bad experience with your product they’re not going to stick around.
  • Please don’t make me track down an Authorization code. Why does it take so Long? I have to call you if I want it in less than a week. Then I have to answer stupid security questions so that you can email me something that I should already have access to.

Great points!

It’s ridiculous that customer service from large companies that have been around the domain block for more than a decade lacks these very basics.

If you’re wondering what else is missing in the domaining world, check out this other great DNForum discussion.


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