Epik: Domainers are not our core customer

If you’re a domain investor, take notice: Epik does not consider you a “core customer.”

Facing challenges and a blown up Masterbucks economy, Epik CEO Brian Royce made this statement on Twitter, in response to a comment that demonstrated the fall of Epik as a domainer-centric registrar:

“Domainers are not our core customer. They represent the least profitable part of the biz. Epik is focused on building around entrepreneurs and businesses owners that care about their brand. Most businesses actually want to stay online and not worry about getting deplatformed!”

Of course, that statement alone does not indicate Epik won’t be doing business with domain investors from now on, it simply denotes that Epik has been touted as the “sweetheart” domain registrar among domainers by pure accident.

Years of intensive efforts by former CEO and founder, Rob Monster, to promote Epik as the go-to registrar for domain investors, have now vanished with a single tweet!

Epik has yet to pay thousands of dollars of converted Masterbucks balances to investors that sold domains on its platform, using the Epik escrow. We have not heard of any major balance payouts being completed yet.

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2 Responses to “Epik: Domainers are not our core customer”
  1. NameMode says:

    Ridiculous statement considering investors built the company!

  2. Observer says:

    What a spectacular fall from grace

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