John Malkovich : Get your domain before it’s gone!

Who has John Malkovich .com ?

Actor John Malkovich is searching for his full name as a .com, and it’s taken.

He gets pissed off.

Who is this impostor that has his domain name?

Who is behind ?

He starts typing an email to the owner of and his frustration is evident.

It’s a new video by all-in-one solutions provider, Squarespace, that might as well be a Super Bowl commercial.

Should John Malkovich do something drastic to get his .com domain back?

Watch the video below and find out. 😀

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4 Responses to “John Malkovich : Get your domain before it’s gone!”
  1. Vincent says:

    That’s why you should always reg your name. I got mine and my daughter’s. Both first and last.

    Where can I get my domain in emoji?

  2. Vincent says:

    I mean where can I get my name in emoji?

  3. X n-- :-) says:

    To register emojis you need to lookup the IDN table ( unicode ), choose a .tld that supports it and then find a registrar that supports IDN registrations ( 101domain afaik is the most comphrensive on that ). It is easier than it sounds. look up for verisign’s free IDN tool.
    Stay away from the .ws IDN scam though.

  4. Terri says:

    What do you mean “the .ws IDN scam”….
    Emojis are only allowed in the .ws
    I’m pretty sure

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