Domain investor banned for registering too many domains

Frank Zablowski, domain investor.

Frank Zablowski, domain investor.

When it comes down to registering domain names, more is merrier.

Frank Zabowlski, a domain investor veteran from Milwaukee, seems to agree with this argument; his domain portfolio consists of more than 85,000 unique, valuable domain names.

“I was lucky to start back in the day when domain registrations were expensive and every keyword was available,” says Frank Zabowlski, who doubles as realtor on the weekends.

“Everything that is taken today, was available back then. I didn’t have the foresight to get them all, unfortunately but I did register many domains over the years,” adds Zabowlski, pointing to a spreadsheet.

More than 20 years later, Zabowlski’s apparent “addiction” to domain registrations has led to his banishment for life from at least one domain registrar.

“I was told that my domain registration numbers were breaking their systems, that they maxed out their credit card processing limits daily,” says Frank Zabowlski, adding: “To me, that’s a lame excuse, you either are a domain registrar or you’re not.”

Gobble Registrar Systems, a local ICANN-accredited registrar went belly up in May, weeks after it banned Zabowlski from its customer list due to over-activity.

The company never recovered, and nobody picked up the phone on the other end when we called.

“Banning me wasn’t so smart in retrospect, was it?” says Frank Zabowlski, smiling. “I can now use Uniregistry and be done in seconds. Those guys love to take my money, LOL!” he exclaimed.

If you’re a serial domain registrant with a serious domain addiction, you can’t go wrong with Uniregistry. They won’t ban you just for registering too many domains.


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    I saw same article on New York Times site.

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