UDRP decision unveils special status of Ukraine

The UDRP involving the domain name ended with the Complainant, CGBYTES INC., Canada, enforcing their registered mark. The Complainant uses the domain [NSFW] since 1999 consistently, delivering 3D models of naked or otherwise pornographic nature so that developers can design 3D animated movies of adult nature. Meanwhile, the Respondent held onto the .org […]

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Has HugeDomains killed

Vladimir Putin is Russia’s so-called “president” and the man who commanded the invasion of Ukraine almost 9 months ago. Since then, thousands have died; while killed Russian soldiers form the majority of human losses, Ukraine’s civilians & soldiers are the innocent victims of this brutal war caused by Russia’s “president.” A few months ago we […]

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Keeping #Ukraine up: Dmitry Kohmanyuk & #domain defense in critical times

Despite the ongoing war that rages in Ukraine ever since Russia’s brutal invasion of the country, the Ukrainian ccTLD team Hostmaster Ltd. is safe. The team is working diligently to keep the Ukrainian DNS server infrastructure they are responsible for up and running, maintaining 100% uptime for the .ua ccTLD. Dmitry Kohmanyuk is one of […]

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Google AdSense updates content ad policies related to war in #Ukraine

Google AdSense has released an update to its current policies, for ads appearing on content related to Ukraine. The updated policy states that due to the war in Ukraine, Google will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war. This is a major move by Google to deprive propaganda-driven web sites supporting […]

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FPutin rebrands as and rolls out NFT

The operators of the domain have rebranded as, eager to roll out an NFT that reflects the Russian dictator’s aggression in Ukraine. In doing so, they are stating that 50% goes to a fund in Ukraine. Note: We have not and cannot verify such claims and advise anyone willing to spend money on […]

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Military gear: Google ads spread out thanks to war in #Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine has created a massive interest in military gear and related supplies. While gun ads are more or less banned from Google, other tactical “defensive” gear is not. For example, when viewing an article on CNN with updates on the Ukrainian crisis, the following add appears: On the left, one can […]

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The domain is about to become the youngest three letter .com (LLL) on the internet and we can blame Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, for that loss. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began a month ago, changing the lives of millions of Ukrainians. Many civilians have died and millions are displaced in their own country or […]

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How Google helps with the war crisis in #Ukraine

Google is the world’s biggest search engine and its associated services, from cloud hosting to domain name registrations generate billions of dollars in revenue, alongside advertising. The war in Ukraine is raging, after Russia’s invasion of it in late February. There are millions of displaced refugees and numerous casualties among civilians. Ukraine is holding on […]

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#Russian companies Yandex and removed from latest version of #Firefox

Two Russian internet companies have been removed by tech creators Mozilla that operate the Firefox browser. The latest update of Firefox, 98.1, removes Yandex and from the browser’s setup options, including the search engine selection. Yandex and have been removed as optional search providers in the drop-down search menu in Firefox. If you […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. No blog updates since the #Russian build-up of forces! is a terrific country .com domain and it belongs to a portfolio holder of solid geo-domains. In mid-February, days prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we pointed out that is part of the New Media Holdings portfolio. The domain’s keyword reflects the #1 news-maker globally; UKRAINE.COM has been a registered trademark since […]

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Unplug Russia: An #ICANN president with balls supports internet sanctions

An ICANN president with testicular fortitude supports internet sanctions that would disable key functions on Russian web sites. That’s not Göran Marby, the current ICANN CEO, who flat out refused to get ICANN involved. The man with balls is Mike Roberts, founding president of ICANN from 1998 to 2001. Mr. Roberts is supporting the development […]

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Internyet: #Russia to unplug from the global internet

On March 11, Russia will remove itself from the global internet, it seems. News about a March 11 transition of all Russian servers to be physically in Russia is an indication of an upcoming disconnect, or other type of block from the internet. According to sources, the unplugging of Russia, active invader of Ukraine, indicates […]

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