Investors rush to register WW3 #domain names

In a stark warning to war-mongering Russia, domain investors are rushing in droves to register “WW3” domain names. Motivated by the self-destructive attitude of Putin’s authoritarian regime, domainers find the “WW3” prefix lucrative and such domains are selling like hotcakes. Traded at prices higher than some fancy NFT collectibles, domains about a World War 3 […]

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Russian regime has blocked Google news

The Russian regime has blocked Google news, the particular feed that Google provides sourcing information related to keyword searches. Google news is a source of up-to-date information to many, via summaries that appear in Google; the full articles are presented by the web sites that Google has identified as sources of news. Russia’s media minions […]

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#Russian companies Yandex and removed from latest version of #Firefox

Two Russian internet companies have been removed by tech creators Mozilla that operate the Firefox browser. The latest update of Firefox, 98.1, removes Yandex and from the browser’s setup options, including the search engine selection. Yandex and have been removed as optional search providers in the drop-down search menu in Firefox. If you […]

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If you’re a “Russophobe” then you’re displaying prejudice, fear or hatred against Russia, the Russians, and Russian culture. Current events that involve Russia’s unprovoked invasion in Ukraine have triggered several economic measures against the country. But is one a “Russophobe” simply by pointing out the truth? Russia is the aggressor and Ukrainians are being killed […]

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Unplug Russia: An #ICANN president with balls supports internet sanctions

An ICANN president with testicular fortitude supports internet sanctions that would disable key functions on Russian web sites. That’s not Göran Marby, the current ICANN CEO, who flat out refused to get ICANN involved. The man with balls is Mike Roberts, founding president of ICANN from 1998 to 2001. Mr. Roberts is supporting the development […]

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Internyet: #Russia to unplug from the global internet

On March 11, Russia will remove itself from the global internet, it seems. News about a March 11 transition of all Russian servers to be physically in Russia is an indication of an upcoming disconnect, or other type of block from the internet. According to sources, the unplugging of Russia, active invader of Ukraine, indicates […]

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#Russia’s stock market and the value of related #domain names

The Russian stock market has remained closed for a record fourth day today, following unprecedented global sanctions against the country. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an aggressive and unprovoked act of war, has united most of the civilized world; imposing financial sanctions against Russian interests is the most peaceful way to inflict harm to its war […]

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Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the current president of Russia. With a lengthy background in politics, Putin is operating Russia surrounded by an oligarchy of very wealthy people. Current international politics demonstrate the control that Vladimir Putin aspires to extend in neighboring countries, such as the Ukraine, and […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : #UDRP over Russian stolen #domain fails to restore it

Aleksandr Danilchuk filed a UDRP to restore the status of his domain,, after it was allegedly stolen. Igroutka means “game duck” in Russian, and it’s a popular repository of free online games. According to the UDRP, between 2016 and 2019 attracted more than 19,900,000 visitors, including more than 12,100,000 visitors in 2019. The […]

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Viral #domains : Russia’s Sputnik V is not a satellite but a Covid-19 #vaccine

Russia claims to have finalized a third approved vaccine effective against the Covid-19 virus. The race is on to create a massive response against the Coronavirus pandemic, and SPUTNIK V is the vaccine’s trade name. In Russia’s past, the Sputnik 1 and 2 were the world’s first two man-made satellites, and the Russian propaganda machine […]

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#Russian domain brokers : Are these offers legit or not?

We’ve received an influx of domain offers from Russian brokers recently, and that’s great news. Or is it? The Russian domain space is open to .RU domains, but also modernized to acknowledge the value of .com domains and other extensions. Russian companies often acquire .net and .org domains as well as other secondary TLDs, if […]

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#Femida .com : Justice goddess #domain registrant survives #UDRP filing at NAF

The registrant of the domain name, a 2002 registration, faced a UDRP, filed by an international law firm that registered the mark in 2004. The Complainant operates from and has offices in the US, Paris and Moscow. The domain existed as far back as in 1999, and the term “femida” translates as “Lady […]

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