is priced right at 265,335.20 via #HugeDomains

If you’re a “Russophobe” then you’re displaying prejudice, fear or hatred against Russia, the Russians, and Russian culture.

Current events that involve Russia’s unprovoked invasion in Ukraine have triggered several economic measures against the country.

But is one a “Russophobe” simply by pointing out the truth? Russia is the aggressor and Ukrainians are being killed simply for refusing to surrender their country and their freedom.

Meanwhile, the domain name can be acquired via HugeDomains. The price is $1,995 dollars or about 265,335.20 Rubles at the going rate.

What would someone do with the domain name

Perhaps point out the obvious: The world does not hate Russians, it’s their war that is despised. It’s Putin and the oligarchs that have turned Russia into a nation that violates humanity’s prospects for peace.

Then there’s another HugeDomains gem,

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  1. Sky says:

    I’d use it for crochet your own flag kits for each country except Russia’s.. Or a luxury line of laxatives that you suck like a mint.

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