Domain Christmas miracle: Million dollars given to charitable person, 30 years later

Tracie was boarding a plane from Budapest, headed for New York City, after a successful seminar on political science. She settled into her seat and prepared for the long flight ahead. As she looked around the cabin, she noticed two young men sitting nearby. They were clearly brothers, with the same dark blonde hair and […]

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Ruble, the Russian Federation’s national currency, existed since the 14th century but became a circulating coin in 1704. It was replaced by the Soviet ruble (Code SUR, 1917 – 1991) which was then replaced by the modern ruble (RUR) in 1993. In 1998, the ruble was swapped for a newer version, in an 1:1000 exchange […]

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Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the current president of Russia. With a lengthy background in politics, Putin is operating Russia surrounded by an oligarchy of very wealthy people. Current international politics demonstrate the control that Vladimir Putin aspires to extend in neighboring countries, such as the Ukraine, and […]

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Sergei Putanov: No “shitty Russian code” in epic leak

Russian oligarch and billionaire domain investor, Sergei Putanov, did not mince his words on Russia’s internet today. Directing his comments to the CEO of the massive (epic) data breach that leaked millions of personal domain records, Sergei Putanov said: “I hear ignorant monster man talk about ‘Shitty Russian code’ that programmer coded, but is fake […]

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#Russian domain brokers : Are these offers legit or not?

We’ve received an influx of domain offers from Russian brokers recently, and that’s great news. Or is it? The Russian domain space is open to .RU domains, but also modernized to acknowledge the value of .com domains and other extensions. Russian companies often acquire .net and .org domains as well as other secondary TLDs, if […]

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Independent Internet: Russia wants to break the chain

In Russia, the Internet is about to break off the chain; President Putin’s government is hard at work towards an “independent Internet.” The Russian Security Council instructed the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to begin creating a system of DNS servers in the BRICS countries. BRICS is the acronym for an […]

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Announcing MERGE! 2018 in Moscow, Russia, as the next domain conference

Following the success of MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida, the multi-discipline event’s organizers announced today its eastward expansion. “Regional events will help spread domain investing, development and blockchain awareness like fever around the world,” said Jothan Frakes, co-founder of MERGE!, to be renamed MERGE! Global. “With MERGE! Moscow in Russia in 2018, we plan to […]

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Oksana Dermoskaya: Successful female domainer in Russia

To many domainers in Russia, Sergei Putanov is most likely the equivalent of Mike Mann. The Russian domain investor multibillionaire has influenced domainers in Russia, some of which took up domaining as a way of abstaining from excessive vodka consumption. Women domainers in Russia are quite scarce, however, and Oksana Dermoskaya is by far the […]

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Bad economy: Russian domainers suffer as the Ruble drops against the Dollar

Russian economy is hurting currently, and it’s not because of a resurgence of Communism. In Russia, the economy is rather consumer-oriented, and traditional commerce maintains a European flair as far as Capitalism is concerned. With the price of oil plummeting, Russia’s financial sector is getting hit; the dropping exchange of the Ruble against both the […]

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Former owner of had no idea about the buyer’s wealth!, the newly launched web site about Russia, attracted global media attention after Russian news agency, RIA Novosti, announced its rebranding. We uncovered who the previous owner was, using DomainTools, and speculated on the selling price for the domain. A Russian publication unveiled today that the sale of by its owner, Ukrainian citizen Roman […]

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For several years, the domain name remained parked; after changing hands a few times, it ended up in the possession of a Ukrainian, Roman Korneev. Korneev set up a web site aggregating news, such as the ones displayed on his other news portal, Most likely of Russian background like many Ukrainians, Korneev owns […]

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Video: Crazy gathering of Russian domainers!

After interviewing ‘Aleksei’, the first known Russian domainer outside of the infamous Sergei Putanov, it’s time to view a video of a domainer party in Russia. These guys and girls are having a great time, partying like there is no tomorrow. They surely look like a Russian domain gang! 😀 As Sergei Putanov once said, […]

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